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Oh man, what a weekend. Wait, what am I talking about? Actually, this weekend wasn't that strenuous, so I'm not complaining.

I actually had some time to settle back into myself these past two days. I was starting to forget what made me happy.. and what made me sad for that matter.

I definately recommend you all take a listen to the new Every Little Thing album. It is excellent. Kaori is busting out the Engrish on this album.. and is it just me, or does ELT remind you guys of The Brilliant Green? (Not that I'm complaining!)

Has anyone noticed that all J-pop groups have the same amount of words in their titles according to the genre of music they produce? The Brilliant Green, Every Little Thing, Day After Tomorrow, Do As Infinity.. they all have a female lead singer that writes the lyrics with two males behind her just jamming away. And then you have groups like DREAM, SweetS, Folder5.. all made up of slightly underaged, tiny, always smiling female asians that don't write their own music but are awesome dancers.

I wonder how tomorrow will be without Kayla and Cindy? Two people being gone should really not make me so nervous.. but Chemistry without Kayla is going to be so depressing. Erghghg!@#

Someone come keep me company and I'll totally less than three you. (<3) !
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