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But I could live withoutcha' baby?!?!

You know something, I love BERRYZ KOUBOU. More than most of the small H!P children. In fact, I love them the most out of all the H!P kids. Because never before has a song from H!P dragged me in so much.

I love my ears right now. I hear everything less than everyone else because my head is jam~!packed with all of that great crud your head becomes stuffed with when you're sick?!!11 You better believe it.

Chemistry was mastered before it got dark outside today! Today was a success (thanks, Char-Hee!). This lab was great, common sense worked on it! I'm glad I brought my book home, it was a BIG help.

I want to see the BERRYz kids cry. I know, I'm cynically mean and you love it.
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