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So mom and I just killed this mosquito. I would like to add that it was the most action filled part of today, well, besides the dolphin toy at break.

emirii emirii emirii
kanojo wa usotsuki ja nai
emirii emirii emirii
itsumo hohoende
kirakira emirii wa boku no nagareboshi

$15.85 to whoever wants to translate Scott's midnight lyrical style! Because let's face it, Scott is everyone's favorite non-asian! <3
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So you'll give me $15.85 for translating that?

Emily Emily Emily
She's no liar
Emily Emily Emily
Always Smiling
Glittering Emily is my meteor.


Hmm... Being a meteor means you've reached the atmosphere and started to burn! Whoo! Pretty soon you'll crash into the earth and be dead and some scientists will poke at you.
omgs, it's almost your birthday! i need to start getting a crackin' on your gift! <333!

emirii, anata wa ichiban!

it's like the only phrase i know! ;D
YOU!...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...NOW!!!...*wink wink*...