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Today was one of those jittery days. Chemistry was surprisingly uneventful, despite Mr. Fong's bubbles of combustion and the lab that was the only one I haven't really understood all year. I did in fact avoid slipping on the distilled water. I find it amazing how the one time Mr. Fong tells people not to waste that water, someone leaves it running, splashing all over the floor for.. well, I have no idea how long it was going for, but I made it stop! *triumph*

Does anyone else hear telephones ringing when they listen to Natsumi Abe's version of Furusato? Unless of course the phone is ringing, but I suppose that is the ill-effect of head phones, ne?

Spanish was boring; to quote Kellye, "I'm sick of going to school when I don't learn anything." Senora Jones wasn't even there, so we watched a movie on the Maya. Although, she was there the past day and her other Spanish 3 class watched the movie as well.. nyah. Our substitute supposedly worked in some let's-help-people-to-help-themselves organization and spoke "Pigeon English." His eyes scared me, but the language itself was pretty interesting.

I need some more Play-Doh, and no one talks politics with me anymore (but that's besides the point!).
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